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射击模式(Fire Modes allow the Player to better maintain ammunition usage. By default, "V" is used to toggle the different fire modes a weapon may have. There are four modes available in Unturned: Safety, Semi, Burst, and Auto.


A weapon with its Safety on can not discharge. This mode is useful to prevent accidental firing when outside of combat. Having the safety enabled puts your gun in the same position as sprinting would. Most ranged weapons has safety mode.

The following do not have Safety:


Semi will allow the weapon to only fire one round at a time. This is useful during long-range combat, when recoil from auto would result in mostly missing, and wasting ammo.

Although most weapons have semi mode, a few lack this:


Burst is a relatively exclusive setting. This function forcefully causes the weapon to fire a 3-round burst when triggered once.

The following weapons can use Burst:


The Auto function is available on some guns, and will fire bullets continuously as long as the key is held, or ammunition runs out. Auto is generally only preferred at close-range, otherwise most of the shots will miss. It may also be helpful when you need crowd control.

The weapons listed below all have the full auto setting:


  • The Eaglefire used to have an auto setting in version After version, which included the addition of the Maplestrike, the Eaglefire no longer had the auto fire mode.