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Reputation is a server-side game mechanic in Unturned Classic value ranging from -70 to +70 that influences one's interactions with other players. A player's reputation can be determined by the color of their name in chat, or in the Player List. Several Steam Achievements revolve around the player's reputation.


There are six tiers for positive and negative reputation respectively, and 13 ranks in total.

  • Tier 1: +/- 1 rep
  • Tier 2: +/- 5 rep
  • Tier 3: +/- 10 rep
  • Tier 4: +/- 20 rep
  • Tier 5: +/- 40 rep
  • Tier 6: +/- 70 rep

If your reputation value is 0, you are considered neutral.

Gaining/Losing Reputation

  • To gain reputation, you must kill players with negative reputation, which yields +1 reputation.
  • To lose reputation, you must kill players with positive or neutral reputation, which yields -1 reputation.
  • If you damage a player who then bleeds to death, your reputation will not change.
  • If a player is killed by your traps or explosives, your reputation is not affected.
  • If you damage a player who is dealt the killing blow by someone else, only the other attacker's reputation changes.